Green Father's Day Gift Ideas

Try these simple gift ideas to make Dad's day a bit greener.

Here are some Father's Day gifts that can benefit Dad's health, his hobbies and the home. Why not do something fun and healthy or give him a gift he can use year-round that also lessens his environmental footprint?  I'd  bet he might like it more than you imagine.

  1. Do a home project with him.  Seriously, if you have a dad who loves to do projects around the house, ask him to show you how to fix something—like a leaking faucet or something practical that might help the environment.  You can also give him a gift card from his favorite hardware store.
  2. Donate to his favorite cause.
  3. Don't forget: You can make him a gift.
  4. Get him a lesson.  Does he want to learn to surf?  Learn to play tennis?  Has he ever wanted to play guitar? Send him down a new path.
  5. Take him to the movies.  Dads want to spend time with you too, and we have one of the best movie theaters around.
  6. How about the gift of a healthy, alternative meal with that movie?  Native Foods is having a special Father's Day meal—its Reuben sandwich is amazingly delicious.  I can vouch that many of the guys golfing at the Savannah's Organic Ranch's fundraiser were pleasantly surprised with the good food donated by Native Foods of Aliso Viejo.  Dad may like it too!
  7. Do you have a dad who likes to cook?  Or do you just have a father who needs to eat better because of health issues?  Why not introduce him to the health benefits of organic produce?  You can sign him up with a program that introduces and supplies to local produce to consumers.  Local options include South Coast Farms and Farm Fresh to You—they deliver to Aliso Viejo!
  8. Get him a green gadget.  There are solar chargers for all the things dads need to recharge around the house, rechargeable batteries for those gadgets. How about some power strips for all those things we've got plugged in around the house?  Then you can turn them off all at once and help save energy by cutting down on phantom electricity use.
  9. Plan a day hike, bike or beach trip with your father.  If he's an outdoor type of guy, why not plan a nice hike or bike trip with a picnic lunch included?  Again, the best time spent for Dad is the time he gets to spend with you.  
  10. Take your father into nature, and watch for some late-season whale migration.

There are so many different things you can do with your dad on Father's Day that don't have to cost you or the planet. If money is not the issue,  invest in the environment and do something meaningful, or do something that will last a long time for your father.  Time is one thing we can't get more of, but giving him the gift of your time or giving him permission to spend time on himself is a gift that's hard to turn down!

Stephanie June 14, 2011 at 08:58 PM
This is what Father’s Day is all about. Glad to see someone else believes that experiences are just as important as gifts (maybe more!). I wrote an article with some similar ideas for the Elfster blog http://bit.ly/kH6hhP . Would love to hear your thoughts!


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