Pet of the Week: Treble, Who's a Bit in Trouble

She's friendly and affectionate but desperately needs to get out of Dodge, as all this kenneling is making her over-groom, thinning her coat.

Treble is up for adoption. Photo courtesy the city of Mission Viejo.
Treble is up for adoption. Photo courtesy the city of Mission Viejo.
From the city of Mission Viejo:

Treble is a loving 10-year-old cat who was brought to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center by her owner who was devastated to have to give her up. 

Despite her friendly and affectionate disposition, she faces some obstacles at the center. Black cats are often overlooked in shelters and during the spring time, adults are passed up for kittens. 

Treble also has a habit of over-grooming herself and causing her fur to thin – a condition known as Alopecia. Stress (due to being kenneled) is a cause of Alopecia, which why Treble needs to find her forever home soon.

Come see this sweet, loving cat today at 28095 Hillcrest. For more information, call 949-470-3045 or visit http://cmvas.org.
cary April 23, 2014 at 05:26 PM
I would have taken her but your board wouldn't let me take a cat since my other one goes out during the day, even though I intend to keep them inside. Sorry:-(
Patti Bout April 24, 2014 at 11:20 AM
Really? they refused an adoption because your other cat goes outside?? What kind of reason is that?? But, it is the MV Animal Center and "they" came up with some wacky rules. I was refused an adoption of a dog because the dog would be alone for about 3 hours during the day. I did get a dog elsewhere (I now have 3) and being alone did not do her, or me, any harm. It's "rules" like this that make you seriously think about lying on the application.


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