GoFundMe: A Joyous Holiday Turns Tragic with The Death of a Son, Father

Ronnie Pedroza Castro died on Christmas Day. The loss impacted his mother's health and has left his Orange County family in grief and struggling to pay for services.

What should have been a joyous day turned into one filled with sadness and grief for the Castro family of Santa Ana.

On Christmas Day, 38-year-old Ronnie Pedroza Castro died suddenly on Dec. 24, according to his family and friends.

His mother Carol Castro was so devastated, “she suffered a heart attack at the same hospital where her son had just passed away moments before.”

Now amid their grief and concern for Carol, who is headed to surgery, the family is facing huge cost. And like so many thousands have turned to GoGundMe.com for help. They are asking to raise $3,500. So far, they have raised $745, according to their site.

“Our prayers go out to Carol and her family,” loved ones wrote on the Go Fund Me page. “Needless to say the family is not in a good financial position at this time.”

Ronnie leaves behind a daughter, Davina and a grandson, Joseph, mother Carol Castro, sister Cindy, two brothers David Castro and Michael Castro.

“For the Castro/Pedroza family the holidays will never be remembered in the same joyful spirit, but with Gods Blessings it will be remembered with beautiful memories,” loved ones wrote on the page.

For more information on how to contribute, visit Ronnie’s page.


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