Balance Emotion and Reason in Your Mission Viejo Real Estate Transactions

Buying or selling a home in Mission Viejo will have you teetering between emotion and logic along the way. Keep a balanced as you navigate your way through to sucess.

Emotion Vs. Reason in the Mission Viejo Home Market

You remember playing on the See Saw as a kid, don’t you? That’s the big toy on the playground where you sit on one side and your best friend sits on the other side. When you go up, your friend goes down and vice versa. Up and down you go, laughing all the way, until that moment when your friend gets off at the bottom while you’re still up on top. You remember what happens? What goes up, must come down. BAMMO. Smack down you go. All the air knocked out of you, flat on your back. Not good at all.

In Mission Viejo Real Estate today, here’s the See Saw you need to learn to maneuver, more skillfully than you did as a Kindergartner. At every single step of the home buying process you will be teetering and tottering between emotion and reason. The up-in-the-air infatuation you feel for the home you never thought you’d find, versus the practical voice of self-preservation saying “can we really afford this?” The rush of adrenalin and endorphins coursing through your system when you find “the one”? The crash from your natural high when you look at the exact cost of the monthly payment, taxes, minor cosmetic repairs, and HOA dues. Oh. What’s that? And the corkscrew twist of being notified that there are three other buyers making offers on your house.

And throw in your soulmate's reaction to all the drama and you have double See Saw – side by side. Ready to rise to the top of the emotional high or be throw to the ground in an instant. Just you? It’s all going on between your ears – emotion on one side and logic on the other. Because whether you tend to operate primarily through logic or emotion, you will be pulled to the dark side you don’t normally operate from at some point during your deal.

On the logic side, you’re asking “Am I buying at the exact lowest price in the market this century and getting the best possible interest rate I qualify for?" The reality is, probably not exactly. But, hello! You’re buying a house, a place for you or you and your family to call home. Where you’ll have Thanksgiving. You’re not a Commodities Trader on Wall Street trying to anticipate the future price of Frozen Orange Juice. You’re just trying to buy a home. Where you can find comfort, peace, and a pillow.

So when you find a home that makes you feel good, don’t jump off the top of the See Saw because of some minor analytical or logical point that will make you and your family feel the BAMMO of all the wind going out of your transaction. Go with your gut. Trust your emotions. Follow your heart. Bring an ice bag for your owies.

I'm Leslie Eskildsen, just keeping it real in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita and Coto de Caza Real Estate. 
Call me. Text me. 949-678-3373. Email me. What questions do you have about the market? Leave a comment below.

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Charles October 26, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Another advertisement (barely) disguised as a blog.
Katherine November 02, 2012 at 04:36 AM
I agree with you Charles. These "articles" say nothing of any worth, just a diarrhoea of words with constipation of ideas. A connivance to get around paying for ad space.
Leslie Eskildsen November 13, 2012 at 12:40 AM
Ahhhh. I love the smell of Freedom of Speech in the morning.


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