4 Tips for a Jail-Free Super Bowl Party

Everyone knows chips and beer are de rigueur for a football bash. But there's one thing you might forget — and it could cause big trouble.

You've got the chips, the beer and the foam fingers. Everyone's invited and the coolers are icy. But there's one other thing you may want to remember—if you want to avoid jail time.

The host of a Super Bowl party can be held liable if a drunk guest crashes on the way home, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. And if you're caught serving Jägerbombs to minors, be ready to face jail time for that too.

Here are four ways to make sure your guests arrive safely home following the big game, courtesy of the Sheriff's Department, which will take part in stepped-up DUI patrols on Sunday:

  • Follow stadium rules - Copy the example of stadiums, which stop serving drinks at the end of the third quarter. By cutting off alcohol early, you give your guests extra time to sober up.
  • Fill 'em up - Offer plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks at your party. That will give your guests less stomach-space for booze.
  • Can I get that number? - You're probably not accustomed to calling a cab in Orange County, so look up the number ahead of time. Then give it to anyone who needs a lift.
  • Keep someone sober - Ask your guests who their designated driver is. If they don't have one, help them arrange a ride-share. Or keep their keys until they sober up.

What are your tips? Have you ever kept a friend from driving drunk? TELL US in the comments below.

Just Me February 01, 2013 at 10:41 PM
Don't know if I understand this one really: "and if you're caught serving Jägerbombs to minors, be ready to face jail time for that too." While I DO actually understand and agree with this, I DON'T understand why supplemental laws or ordinances had to be created in Laguna Beach for the exact same thing.


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