Sheriff's Blotter: Man Allegedly Slaps Mom After He Has Sex with Daughter

Also, gunfire startles a neighborhood, and some youths point "guns" at passing motorists.

By Lissan Estrada

It is one of every parent's nightmares, and getting slapped around doesn't make it any better. 

It does inspire a call to the cops, though.

A woman walked in on her 18-year-old daughter and a man in the throes of passion in the gym shower at the Cortesia Apartments on Friday evening.

According to the blotter of the Orange County Sheriff's Department, when the mother confronted the copulating couple, the man allegedly grabbed the informant, slapped her in the face and pushed her down. Like so many men, he then left.

Medics were called for the mother, who indicated to police that she believed the sex to be consensual and that her daughter knew the male.

Also, she had taken the subject's cell phone from her and would have that for deputies when they arrived.

The call was made at 7:03 p.m., from the 29700 block of Melinda Road.

Editor's note: The mother had taken the man's cell phone and gave that to police. The story originally indicated the mother had possession of her daughter's cell phone.

Scramble begins after shots near golf course

Gunshots heard near the Tijeras Creek Golf Course caused residents to scramble for their phones on Sunday night.

The sound of one gunshot and maybe two echoed through the golf course and canyons about 7:54 p.m.

Police were unable to locate the origination of the shots, but several callers reported different locations from where they heard the shots.

One informant claimed she had heard two possible gunshots near the fifth hole; another said he heard shots come from behind his residence near the course. Other locations reported included Arroyo Vista, and off Via Verde.

The original call came from the 200 block of Encantado Canyon.

Now is not the best time to point toy guns

Three teenagers caused a ruckus on Saturday night and are probably lucky this situation didn't escalate. The boys, 15-16 years old, were standing on the corner of the street pointing toy rifles at passing vehicles.

According to an informant, two of the guns were too dark to make a description.

The call was made Saturday, 8:40 p.m., from Alma Aldea and Calle de los Abanicos.

The following is a summary report of calls from Rancho Santa Margarita to the Orange County Sheriff's Department from Jan. 25-27.

Found property, Sunday, 5:47 p.m., on Via Cresta. An informant notified police there was an unattended electric wheelchair in the parking lot near the pool.

Disturbance Sunday, 2:21 p.m., on Robinson Ranch Road and Lindsay Drive.  Six teenage boys dressed in dark clothing were seen running around at the park nearby, shooting paintball guns and running toward the back of Robinson Elementary School.

Missing juvenile Sunday, 7:20 p.m., from the 100 block of Via Serena. A 15-year-old boy with a history of self mutilation left his house Sunday evening after telling his parents he was going to kill himself. The teen often leaves his residence and disappears from his parents. In the past he has cut or burned himself.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance Sunday, 12:13 p.m., on Via Amistosa. An informant reported seeing four males, all wearing dark hoodies, loitering in the area.

Medical Aid Sunday, 11:10 a.m., 29700 block of Melinda Road. A mother called 9-1-1 to report that her 18-year-old daughter threatened to stab herself. The daughter flashed some kind of knife, possibly a kitchen knife, while making the threat, according to her mom, who was in the kitchen with her at the time. The daughter was taken to Mission Hospital and self-admitted.

Suspicious person/circumstances Saturday, 7:22 p.m., 30600 block of Santa Margarita Parkway. A concerned citizen informed police of a 13-year-old girl with glasses, braces and a rainbow purse who was attempting to hitch hike from the front of Target Department Store. She then walked toward Ross and Tilly's when OCSD made contact. The girl was 18. She was given a ride home by OCSD.

Disturbance Saturday, 1:09 p.m., Santa Margarita Parkway and Antonio. A caller reported a group of juveniles fishing in a posted no fishing area.

Suspicious Person in Vehicle Saturday, 12:27 a.m., 22300 block of Antonio Parkway. An informant called worried that two suspects parked in the CVS parking lot might attempt a beer run. One of the suspicious men, possibly already drunk, had argued with an employee before going to his car.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance 4:38 p.m., Friday, on Rancho Trabuco and La Sordina. A man in his 30s, apparently drunk, was dragging a long Christmas tree from Sordina to Trabuco.

Assist Outside Agency 9:10 a.m., Friday, 0 block of Via Respiro.  A 20 year old woman just stopped breathing. CPR instructions were given. About 20 minutes later it was reported the victim was breathing.

These reports were culled from the Orange County Sheriff's website. Not all facts in each report are made public; the outcome of the report may differ from the original blotter item. There should be no assumption of guilt based on this limited information.

Rick Winans January 29, 2013 at 08:47 PM
"Like so many men, he then left" Do you really think that was needed in your story?
Pautna January 30, 2013 at 05:53 PM
I agree with Rick. Plus, where in the blotter report does it say they were "copulating"? The term "CONSENSUAL", appears in the report, but to me that implies the girl was willingly present with the male subject instead of being held against her will. What exactly they were doing is not described. Did you interview the sheriff deputies or the mother involved? Or are you stating something as fact when the report did NOT explicitly say they were having intercourse? Plus, the mother had the male subjects phone to give to the deputies, not the daughter's phone. It seems you were more interested in sensationalizing the story and making flip remarks instead of just reporting the facts.
Rick Winans January 31, 2013 at 02:01 AM
Thank you Pautna!!!
Martin Henderson January 31, 2013 at 02:29 AM
An OC sheriff told me the "story is accurate" with the exception of the subject grabbing the mother—although that is specifically mentioned in the blotter item. I have made one change, as reflected in the editor's note, that the woman had the man's cell phone and not the daughter's (my mistake).
Pautna February 01, 2013 at 08:01 PM
Thanks Martin!


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