City: Belmont Pool to Remain Closed, and Replaced

City of Long Beach staff has proposed temporary pools estimated to take at least five months and $4.2 million to create, and approval of a Natatorium in 2-3 years at $54-$62 million.

The City of Long Beach just issued this statement with respect to the future of the Belmont Plaza Pool and its immediate use or lack thereof. Please tell us what you hope to see done, and any other comments.

The City of Long Beach announced today that the Belmont Pool must be permanently shuttered to ensure the safety of the community.   

On January 10, 2013 the Belmont Pool was temporarily closed due to a draft Structural and Seismic Evaluation that indicated the facility was seismically unsafe in the event of a moderate earthquake.  The pool was temporarily closed in an abundance of caution for patrons and staff while City engineers reviewed the draft analysis and inspected the facility to confirm the extent of its structural safety. 

Both the City’s Building Official and the City Engineer have now reviewed the final report and determined the Belmont Pool Natatorium, in its current condition, is a substandard building that is seismically and structurally unsafe. 

After considerable discussion and public input dating back to 2008, City staff will be recommending to the City Council a new permanent facility that balances both recreational and competitive swimming needs. 

The proposed facility would include a Natatorium in the approximate location of the existing Belmont Pool, and a new outdoor pool immediately north of the existing facility.  The proposed facility will be able to host all competitive swim and water polo events that are currently hosted, while providing added water space to enhance the experience of all users.  The preliminary cost estimate is $54 to $62 million, depending on added features, and construction will take approximately two to three years to complete. 

At the February 12, 2013 City Council meeting, staff will present the proposed project and seek the City Council’s direction on whether to proceed with the entitlement phase and environmental clearance of the project. 

On February 12, City staff will also be presenting the City Council with four interim options to address the closure of the Belmont Pool.  City staff are recommending the construction of a temporary outdoor pool in the adjacent parking lot that could be ready in five to eight months, contingent upon Coastal Commission approval, and provide swimming facilities while a permanent facility is constructed.  The cost of this option is approximately $4.2 million, and the temporary facility would be similar to the facility built during the 2004 Olympic swim trials in Downtown Long Beach. 

More information on the temporary options and the proposed project can be found at www.longbeach.gov/cityclerk under the February 12, 2013 City Council agenda.   

Nancy Wride February 05, 2013 at 02:15 AM
I post this for a reader who was unable to do so on our CMS right now: WARNING! http://www.dredgingtoday.com/tag/alamitos/ Due diligence is mandatory by a community based committee on this. WHY? Review the incredible mess continuing to date on the rebuild of the Alamitos Bay Marina [see links], bankruptcy of the vendor contracted to "rebuild" the basins, dislocation of a huge quantity of boats, elimination of slips, no contingencies [i.e. Plan B, C, D] in place for the complete upheaval that the Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine Department staff has both created and is losing cash flow AND grants on! The CA Coastal Commission is one of the biggest bureaucratic entities to deal with and while they are a very critical commission to preserving California's coastline - BEWARE - there are never-ending demands required to comply with. PLEASE....Check out and report in your 'patch' news alert, links to the debacle currently existing and being solved with the rebuild of the Long Beach Marinas - from eel grass to toxic water wastes, to incompetent staff, etc. I love the proposal for new pools - please be assured I do. However, the Long Beach City Council MUST work with an independent community committee to plan for all possible contingencies and delays in this proposed new pool. http://www.lbpost.com/news/12162-boaters-to-be-hit-with-increased-slip-fees-#.URBgfqXm584
Luis February 05, 2013 at 02:37 PM
If it is the building that is unsafe how about an outdoor pool. It does not necessarily have to be enclosed especially here in Southern California.
Johnny Utah February 05, 2013 at 07:33 PM
A perfect example of a facility is the Mission Viejo Natadore pool complex. It is outside with a dive well, extra 25 yard lanes in the dive well pool, a 50 m pool, and a teaching pool with 6 -25 yard lanes that are shallow. Long Beach needs 50 M and outside!! There's also a link http://www.facebook.com/RebuildBelmontPlazaOlympicPool please like and attend the meeting.
Nancy Wride February 05, 2013 at 07:44 PM
Thanks, Johny. Good link.
Marion West February 08, 2013 at 08:52 PM
While I agree it's important to consider the recreational use of any future facility, not enough has be said about the many club, High School, NCAA, AAF and Junior Olympic competitions (Swimming, Waterpolo, and DIVING) that were held at the facility and brought many out of town visitors and there tourist dollars to the local community. This venue is irreplacable!!!!!!


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