Crate Gate: Does It Matter That Romney Put His Dog on Car's Roof?

Take Our Poll: Should Mitt Romney's treatment of his dog, Seamus, play a part in the presidential campaign or is this much ado about nothing?

If the way Mitt Romney treated his dog 30 years ago is not an important part of the 2012 presidential election, Rick Santorum's campaign didn't get the memo.

Twice last week top Santorum adviser John Brabender reminded voters that Romney once drove to Canada with the family dog, Seamus, in a crate fastened to the roof of the car. And on Sunday, in response to a question from ABC News' Jonathan Karl, Santorum said the Seamus story is important.

"As far as Seamus the dog, look, all I would say is, the issues of character are important in this election, and we need to look at all of those issues and make a determination as to whether that's the kind of person you want to be president of the United States," Santorum said.

Many dog lovers believe that what is being called "Crate-Gate" thoroughly disqualifies the candidate. An online group called Dogs Against Romney has pushed the story ever since the Boston Globe first reported the 1983 incident in 2007. During the 12-hour trip, Seamus suffered diarrhea and Romney stopped briefly to hose off the car and the dog, then continued driving, according to the newspaper.

The Romney campaign does not have a sense of humor about the story and has kept quiet about it. The candidate has said that he loves his dogs and that Seamus enjoyed riding on the roof. As governor, Romney in 2006 proclaimed September "Responsible Dog Ownership Month" in Massachusetts.

Karl predicted that the Seamus story won't go away.

"All right, well, Seamus the dog -- I think we'll be hearing more about him going forward," he said.

—Huffington Post

met00 March 19, 2012 at 04:56 AM
Oh, did I mention he was a Republican?
met00 March 19, 2012 at 05:11 AM
Mittens is, according to his history as Guv in MA, a Reagan Republican. He represents corporate interests and the 1%. He is being attacked by Santorum who is a Christian Taliban nut-case who would have been out of it had he not had a billionaire paying for his super-pac. He is also being attacked by the Newt (although not from all the crazy right) who is actually the one stopping Santorum from getting the nomination (Newt is also being bought and paid for by a different Billionaire). If either Newt of lil Ricky had the good graces to have dropped out, one of these Billionaire backed right-wing pandering kooks would actually be getting a plurality of the GOP vote and beaten Mittens by now. As it is, neither of the kooks have backed out (it's nice to have a Billionaire dumping millions into keeping your campaign alive) and so a very beaten up Mittens will come to the convention bloodied so bad by his need to pander to the right that he will be unable to move left, and he will lose in a landslide to Obama. Not because Obama is good, but because all the months of pandering for votes from the kooks column will have damaged the Mittens brand, that he won't be able to appeal to the moderate middle. So, instead of a Reagan Republican, we will get a Reagan Democrat for another four years. For a good old progressive like me, the choices still suck. Another four years of half measures and broken promises on change... change I don't believe in any more.
Dee Merk March 23, 2012 at 06:03 PM
Riding in a crate on top of a car is not the major issue here. The real abuse to the dog is letting it have to go through life with the name Seamus. I mean, seriously, what kind of judgment does a political candidate have calling a dog "Seamus"? It's akin to someone naming his kid "Willard"/ But, calling the poor dog Seamus? That really raises issues about his judgment. Of course, having a name like Willard, what would you expect?
Dee Merk March 23, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Riding in a crate on top of a car is not the major issue here. But letting the poor dog go through life with the name Seamus is cruel. Must be payback for having a name like Willard...
greene fur March 24, 2012 at 03:11 AM
Wholly canolis!...the vehemence that pervades people here (vehummance?, for our vegan chickpea crowd...) - makes one think these same foke, whatever their 'party', would be quite comfurtable with a little getaway cottage in Berchtesgaden (...or is it birkinshtompinland?). I m'self have seen too many peops with their labradoodles ridin around in the back of their silverado beds, kittens lolling in the back window ledges of their toy preieiaiesusses (sp?)( - ississippi?)....AND 'even' been lightly admonished m'self(2) for taking my pet goat down for a stroll at the seashore - jacked aroun by incredulos (-las), pointing at me after seeing the smilin little hoofer up closer after he'd jumped up in delight, done his characteristic little non-dog 180's mid-air, saying "...that's not a goat - that's A DOG !!!..." ( - from a distance his nubian ears gave him a bit of a K-nine appearance, esp. when his mini-horns had not fully arrived yet...)...He liked the sand, and the surf was an adventure for him, as long as I was nearby...I say. Hence, it is simple to learn that most living creatures have their own follies; and until we're truly smart enuff to converse with our own fellow earthlike creatures (heaven f'bid if ufo folk ever land...), who's to leg-intimately to say what is fun and whutis foddah for our bretheren/cistern animals...One could easily suggest a focus of one's beadiest of eyes on some other subject to whippersnap at...


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