Slower Speed Limits on Pacific Park, Elsewhere

Aliso Viejo drops maximum speeds on 10 stretches of road around town.

Aliso Viejo is putting the brakes on local speed limits.

This month, the City Council approved slower speeds for 10 road segments around town, including three portions of Pacific Park Drive.

Other affected streets include Wood Canyon, Glenwood and Deerhurst.

Under state law, California cities determine speed limits every seven years based on actual driver behavior.

Engineers track vehicle speeds and cities are expected to set limits in line with the 85th percentile of average vehicle speeds.

The study found Aliso Viejo drivers are most likely to speed on Westwing between Eastwing and Cedarbrook.

Here's a breakdown of the streets scheduled to slow down:

Street Cross Street Cross Street Old Speed Limit New Speed Limit Boundary Oak Wood Canyon Pacific Grove 40 MPH 35 MPH Deerhurst Pacific Park Drive Wolverine 40 MPH 35 MPH Glenwood Aliso Creek Road Enterprise 55 MPH 50 MPH Hollyoak Alicia Parkway Laurelmont 30 MPH 25 MPH Laurelmont Hollyoak Alicia Parkway 30 MPH 25 MPH Pacific Park Drive Chase Aliso Viejo Parkway 55 MPH 50 MPH Pacific Park Drive Aliso Viejo Parkway Alicia Parkway 50 MPH 45 MPH Pacific Park Drive Alicia Parkway Mareblu 50 MPH 45 MPH Sanborn Chase Wood Canyon 30 MPH 25 MPH Wood Canyon Drive Pacific Park Drive 40 MPH 35 MPH


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