Readers' Choice: Vote for Best Fish Taco

Who's got the best-tasting fish tacos in Aliso Viejo?

Is there anything better than eating a fish taco, as long as you like fish and tacos? The two go together in 2012 like the traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich did in 1912.

Do you prefer your fish battered and fried, spiced and blackened or just grilled to perfection?

Are you a purist? Do you prefer your sauce to be a traditional mayonnaise-vinegar mix? Or do you like some chipotle to spice things up? What about heat? Bring it? Or let those jalapenos remain in the stainless steel buckets with the onions and the carrots? Or even the messier the better?

But which place do you think makes the best? 

Starting July 23, you'll get a chance to vote on which nominee is the best. Whoever gets the most votes will be named the Readers' Choice winner (and get a nifty certificate commemorating the event).

Just log in and vote. Limit one vote per person per category per Patch site for the duration of the voting period. So think hard, we're asking for your very favorite.

In the event of a tie, the Local Editor will decide the winner by counting the number of positive comments from readers on the candidate's business listing and in the Readers' Choice survey story that were made during the voting period and awarding it to the business that has the higher total number.

Winners in all Readers' Choice categories will be announced on Aug. 24, so cast your vote now!

The poll will open to accept votes from registered Patch users starting on July 23 and close at 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 17.


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