Canyon Vista Musical Theater Students Bring Message of Acceptance

Students perform The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Jr. and Snow White.

students performed their annual musical Friday night, which spread a message of acceptance and taught the students about compassion.

The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Jr. is a story about a boy looking for a something different from his usual, ho-hum life. One night his bulletin board falls on top of him, flattening him thin like a sheet of paper. Stanley floats around the world on a musical journey.

“The students, as always, put on an amazing performance,” said director Holly Telford. 

Telford said some of her students had been teased for being involved with theater. Going along with the theme with the play, which teaches about accepting and respecting those different from yourself, Telford taught compassion by asking each student to participate in a charitable project. Students volunteered to donate newspapers and old towels to Mission Viejo Animal Control.

Second to fifth grade students performed Flat Stanley, while kindergarten through first grade presented their rendition of Snow White.

 “The Flat Stanley production was excellent,” said Capistrano Unified School District President Gary Pritchard. “I was impressed with how well students memorized their lines and really enjoyed how well trained the singers were. I also thought the sets were very creative. You could really tell that their yearly production is a labor of love.”


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