Which Local Teachers May Be Laid Off

The city could lose 59 teachers citywide after June 30. Here's a list of who's on the block.

Fifty-nine San Clemente school teachers are on the block at  this year because of district budget cuts.

alone stands to lose 20 teachers, including seven math teachers. 

“If you’re a teacher who’s trying to settle down, you can’t apply for a loan to get a house when you don’t have a job,” said Shorecliffs seventh-grade science teacher Wendy Berube. “We knew teaching wasn’t lucrative, but we went into it because we thought it would be a reliable job. It’s so sad it’s such a low priority.”

 may lose 13 teachers, the second largest loss for San Clemente schools. Out of the six teachers being laid-off at , half are first-grade teachers.

Although the November ballot determines whether the Capistrano Unified School District need only cut $33.5 million -- versus a worst-case scenario of $51 million -- the district  must approve budgets by June 30 and will not go through.

To read why the district finds itself in this bind, and how this year's laid-off teachers may not be rehired as in years past, .

The following is a list of teachers who received layoff notices:


Bernice Ayer Middle School Name: Year Hired: Status: Grade/Subject: Notes:

Bjorn Avila

2010 Temporary Teacher Physical Science

Marie Finman

2010 Temporary Teacher Spanish Two Way

Stacy Gerken

2008 Rehired/Temp English

Stacy Hill

2010 Temporary  Special Ed.


Erin Jenkins

2011 Temporary  Special Ed.


Ryan Persinger

2006 Rehired/Temp Social Science

Brooke Powell

2006 Rehired/Temp English

Christopher Reiland

2010 Temporary Math

Christine Wehunt-Gibson

2007 Temporary  English Two Way Truman Benedict Roni Schwartz 2006 Rehired/Temp. Special Ed. mild/mod. Las Palmas Elementary

Eduardo Cornejo

2011 Temporary Second Grade Two Way Julio Flores 2011 Temporary Fourth Grade Two Way

Yesenia Hogancamp

2011 Temporary First Grade Two Way

Juliana Junco

2007 Temporary Kindergarten Two Way

Catherine Morrison

2007 Temporary First Grade Two Way

Rosa Romo Higley

2011 Temporary First Grade Two Way Marblehead Elementary

Ellen Eltiste

2001 Rehired/Temp Kindergarten San Clemente High School

Golnaz Afrouzeh

2011 Temporary Special Ed. mild/mod

Nathan Auerbach

2008 Temporary Math

Barbara Bauer

2011 Temporary Special Ed. mild/mod

Shelley Beckley

2009 Temporary Math

Joshua Cain

2011 Temporary Math

David Czarnecki

2011 Temporary English

Jocelyn Dietsche

2008 Temporary Music

Erin Dollar

2006 Rehired/Temp English

Axel Estrada

2008 Temporary Math

Reid Kaneshiro

2009 Temporary Math

Pierre Lecavalier

2011 Temporary French

Melissa Lizarraga

2011 Temporary Social Science

Alana Mack

2005 Permanent Art

Lauren Marcos

2010 Temporary English

Ryan McCarthy

2009 Temporary Math

Nancy Nguyen

2010 Temporary English

Patrick O'Rourke

2011 Temporary Math

Antonio Soto

2008 Temporary Music

Phuong Vo

2011 Temporary Physical Science

Elizabeth Willey

2006 Rehired/Temp English Shorecliffs Middle School

Lora Abedi

2003 Rehired/Temp Sixth Grade

Quinn Beyer

2003 Rehired/Temp Sixth Grade

Erin Brophy

2003 Rehired/Temp Sixth Grade

Jessica Brucks

2006 Temporary Social Science and English

Monica Clem

2006 Rehired/Temp English

Jennifer Grace

2009 Temporary Special Ed. mild/mod

Rebecca Grondahl

2007 Rehired/Temp English

James Hammons

2002 Rehired/Temp Math

Kay Laird

2005 Rehired/Temp Business

Lyndsey Mickelson

2009 Temporary Math

Lindsay Peck

2008 Temporary Math

Cory Quinn

2009 Temporary Special Ed mild/mod

John Reed

2010 Temporary Music Vista Del Mar Elementary

Amy Abbott

2002 Rehired/Temp Kindergarten

Anne Marie Faris

2002 Rehired/Temp Second Grade

Kimberly Goode

2001 Rehired/Temp Fifth Grade

Kera Yamamoto

2011 Temporary Special Ed mild/mod Vista Del Mar Middle School

Elizabeth Leslie

2010 Temporary Special Ed mild/mod

Noelle Nielsen

2008 Temporary Music

Stefanie Pintauro

2010 Temporary Spanish

Layla Vollmer

2011 Temporary Special Ed mild/mod

Brooke Stirling

2006 Rehired/Temp Social Science
Really Upset April 17, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Very sad to learn! These teachers can all thank those who voted for Jerry 'the socialist' Brown for this. We all have oppty this Nov to stop the madness and not vote for all incumbents who have done NOTHING over the last 4 years (including Obama!).
Tom Barnes April 17, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Cut the district office down to 4 employees in a double wide trailer with a decision maker, assistant decision maker, secretary, and assistant secretary and keep all the teachers. Teachers are more important than the bloated bureaucracy in the Taj Mahal district offices. Sell them. In 35 years of teaching I never had a need for anyone in the district. For the most part they are impediments not aids to the learning process.
Just sayin April 17, 2012 at 06:04 PM
I heard newport Mesa expects administrators to teach sections... Would vastly contribute to admins knowledge bank of what works and what needs change, shrink the need for the admin building, and save student-teacher ratios
jeff s April 20, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Madness. Sheer madness. We are raising a generation of ill educated poorly trained overweight fatherless moral free vacumous headed-teacherless kids. This is our legacy... Wonderful job folks, amazing what liberal social politics will do to a state/nation...
Erica Cox April 20, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Why are the NO cuts listed at some schools? Concordia and Lobo, for instance?


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