Dozens of Teachers in San Juan Capistrano on Chopping Block

Impacts to three schools, San Juan Hills High, Marco Forster and San Juan Elementary, would be huge.

San Juan Capistrano schools would be the hardest hit if the makes good on all the lay-off notices it sent area teeachers.

San Juan Hills High stands to lose the most of any comprehensive high school in the district, with 25 teachers. and highs are close behind with 24 teachers each on the list.

would lose 20, 14 and in Las Flores only eight.

The English department at San Juan Hills High would be decimated. Gone would be 10 out of the 14 current English teachers.

  • , and how this year, the laid-off teachers may not be rehired as in years past.

's 22 teachers is also the most of any middle school in the district. in San Clemente is the next closest with 13 teachers put on notice there.

The Marco Forster layoffs would wipe out half of the PE department's eight teachers and half of the school's 12-teacher math department.

The chart below includes each San Juan Capistrano school that has a teacher who received a lay-off letter dated March 1.

There are three potential statuses: Permanent, meaning the teachers have tenure; "rehired/temp" means they were previously either permament or in a probationary period and were laid off, then later rehired as a temporary employee; and, temporary, meaning they work on one-year contracts.


Ambuehl  Name Year Hired  Status



Notes                Jenika Cracchiolo   2005 Rehired/temp Special Ed Mild/Moderate                      Del Obispo  Rita Cabezas   2011 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate Jessica Comstock   2007 Rehired/temp Special Ed Mild/Moderate           Kinoshita  Julie Chutuk   2006 Rehired/temp Counselor Brenda Fatehi   2002 Rehired/temp Kindergarten Christa Jones   2002 Rehired/temp Kindergarten               Marco Forster     Nadine Almanza   2010 Temporary PE   Nick Corbin   2006 Rehired/temp English
Patrick Derry
 2010 Temporary Special Ed Mod/Severe Soraya Espinoza   2011 Temporary Social Science Two Way Lindsey Foster   2009 Temporary Social Science Megan Fox   2010 Temporary PE Eric Frommholz   2007 Rehired/temp Math
Margaret Galasso   2009 Temporary Math Dru Gerhard   2006 Permanent PE Tara Hansler 
 2011 Temporary Special Ed Mod/Severe Jennifer Herring   2009 Temporary Math Barbara Jaramillo   2006 Rehired/temp Counselor Nicole Koopman   2004 Rehired/temp Social Science Jamie Louie   2004 Rehired/temp Social Science Larissa Martus   2007 Temporary Math Sarah Mckeon    2004 Rehired/temp Life Science Erik Nelson    2007 Rehired/temp Life Science Kendra Passarelli   2010 Temporary Math Joanne Schroeder   2011 Rehired/temp Math Amanda Soboleski 
 2002 Rehired/temp On Special Assignment Wendy Sottile   2006 Rehired/temp English Lindsay Strodl   2006 Rehired/temp PE  

San Juan Elementary Sophia Derrig 
 2007 Temporary Third Two Way Monica Diaz 
 2010 Temporary Kindergarten Two Way Maria Carmen Garcia
 2011 Temporary Fourth Two Way Victoria Gerson 
 2011 Temporary Second Two Way Angelica Gomez 
 2008 Temporary Kindergarten Two Way Norma Hernandez 
 2007 Temporary Kindergarten Two Way Pierre Jacques 
 2010 Temporary Second Two Way Leslie Le 
 2008 Temporary First Two Way Lorena Loera 
 2011 Temporary Kindergarten Two Way Carmen Perez   2008 Temporary Fifth Two Way Jacqueline Porter  2008 Temporary Fourth Two Way Bernardo Sabad   2007 Temporary Third Two Way Rocio Sandoval   2007 Temporary Second Two Way Cristina Torres   2011 Temporary First Two Way         San Juan Hills John Baker   2010 Temporary English Michelle Brislen 
 2011 Temporary Life Science Melissa Chen 
 2010 Temporary Math Jan Colt 
 2001 Permanent Art Drawing & Painting Victor Delacruz 
 2010 Temporary Music Alexandra Easton 
 2010 Temporary Science (both Life and Physical) Janey Gidion 
 2007 Rehired/temp English Avid Coordinator Kelly Hambrick 
 2008 Rehired/temp PE, dept. chair Coach boys basketball  Ivan Hansen 
 2005 Rehired/temp English Mishelle Hubbard   2010 Temporary English Linda Keeler 
 2010 Temporary French Courtney Koehler 
 2006 Rehired/temp English Rita Kolenic   2007 Rehired/temp Life Science Dept. Chair Farrel Moore 
 2010 Temporary Math Melissa Murphy 
 2006 Rehired/temp English Catherine Nolan
 2009 Temporary Math Girls Track Coach Rebecca Pianta 
 2006 Rehired/temp Counselor Emily Price 
 2008 Rehired/temp Life Science George Rodriguez 
 2008 Temporary Math Ryan Schreiber 
 2010 Temporary English Sheila Silver 
 2011 Temporary English Kimberly Stanga 
 2012 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate Jennifer Tatala   2007 Rehired/temp English Kate Wegner  2007 Rehired/temp English Jennifer Wooten 

 2011 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate
        Serra High Amy Andreasen 
 2010 Temporary PE Christine Bak-Boychuk 
 2005 Rehired/temp English Christyann Banuelos 
 2005 Retired/temp Social Science Mark Enmeier   2008 Temporary Social Science Lindsey Pellow   2010 Temporary Social Science David Pino   2009 Temporary Social Science Asst. Principal Heather Reynard  2004 Permanent


Alberto Barrera April 18, 2012 at 03:00 AM
I wouldn't worry too much, many of these teachers will be rehired. For example, John Baker has been tapped to teach AP Government & Economics, and so it is very likely that he will be rehired.
Erica Cox April 20, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Penny - your kids are losing their favs? The ones who move them? Motivate them? Inspire them? They are probably better than quite a few teachers who stay on due to seniority. Seniority is NOT a valid method of keeping the "best and brightest". Admin review, peer review, test scores, etc...all should be more important than who has been there the longest. The fact that the union will NEVER allow that is one of the reasons I pulled my kids out of traditional schooling.
Penny Arévalo April 20, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Well, it is not my policy to give my own opinions. I will say all three of my kids were crushed when they heard the news. One of the teachers is a special ed teacher, and I think this situation is particularly hard on the special ed students.
Marshall April 22, 2012 at 05:27 PM
And that's just the school staff, I work for the Transportation department, I am whats called a Lead Driver, kind of a supervisor on wheels, the entire position is being cut, that is 3 Lead drivers, and another 7 regular bus driver lost.
Marsha April 22, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Job description of a "Lead Driver" http://www.edjoin.org/jobDescription.aspx?descriptionID=29411


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