Redlands Area Democratic Club Hears About Conservative 'War on Women'

Julie Meigs Korinke, public affairs manager for Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties, spoke Saturday afternoon at a meeting in Loma Linda.

About 20 members of the Redlands Area Democratic Club met Saturday in Loma Linda and heard about recent attacks on women's health and a conservative "war on women" from a Planned Parenthood representative.

"Since 2010, lawmakers have introduced more than 2,000 reproductive health provisions in legislatures across the country, the vast majority of which seek to undermine women's health by cutting basic health services and restricting access to breat exams, cancer screenings, birth control and abortion," Julie Meigs Korinke, public affairs manager for Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties, said as she read from prepared remarks.

"Right now more than half of women of reproductive age are living in a state hostile to women's health, and so far the current legislative session isn't looking any better," Korinke said.

"In the first quarter of 2012, legislators have introduced 944 provisions related to reproductive health and rights - half of which would further restrict access to safe and legal abortion, while the others are designed to eliminate access to birth control basic, preventive women's health care."

Nationwide, Korinke said, there are seven trends at the state level that Planned Parenthood considers most dangerous to women's health:

1. Mandatory Ultrasounds

2. Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers

3. "Personhood" Measures

4. Abortion Restrictions

5. Rollbacks on Comprehensive Sex Education

6. Birth Control Restrictions

7. Attacks on Planned Parenthood Patients

For more information about Planned Parenthood's perspective on these trends, visit http://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org/get-involved

Korinke said after her talk she could not comment on Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown's speech Wednesday in the Lansing capitol, where she used the word "vagina" in defense of women's health and was subsequently prohibited from speaking Thursday by House Republicans.

The Detroit News on Saturday published an op/ed column by Brown, headlined "Silenced on the House Floor for Using Correct Body Terms."

Saturday's Redlands Area Democratic Club meeting was held in a private dining area of , 24960 Redlands Blvd. in Loma Linda.

For more information about the Redlands Area Democratic Club visit www.redlandsdemocrats.org.

Eric Shamp June 18, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Are you saying there really isn't a social agenda behind this? That Republican legislators are waging a war on socialism, not on women? If that's the case, why are they (for example) not fighting to stop tax subsidies for oil companies, and instead pick on women's healthcare? There are thousands of ways that our government gives away "free stuff" to rich and poor alike, individuals and corporations. Women's health services represent a drop in the bucket, in terms of cost to the taxpayer. Why not cut Medicare? That's a huge giveaway at taxpayer expense. Why should I have to pay for old people's meds? And, I am not ignorant and I do realize that no one is trying to make women's health care illegal (well, except for abortion services). I know you are not ignorant, either, and surely understand that when government subsidies and entitlements for expensive health care is cut, people with little or no income who cannot otherwise afford it are, in practice, denied access.
B.C. June 19, 2012 at 06:17 AM
Of course there’s a social agenda—from both sides. Some people think birth control and abortion are morally wrong, some do not. It’s a matter of differing worldviews. The trouble starts when people who object to an action are forced to pay for those who engage in those actions. The Federal Government should not be subsidizing businesses or giving away freebies, including Medicare. Subsidized anything and entitlements always grow out of control and are almost impossible to stop. Just because tax-payers are already paying for "free stuff" doesn't mean we should add to the problem by giving away more free stuff. The responsibility of caring for the poor and elderly really belongs to the local communities and states. Personal responsibility is always an option.
John F. Berry June 20, 2012 at 03:08 AM
"War on Women." Is that the best bit of bunk liberals can do to scare women into the liberal camp? Polls show that Obama has lost his edge among single women despite this nonsense. What is a real, in political terms, is the percentage gap -- and we can thank Hillary Rosen for this -- among married women after Rosen launched the Democrat "War on Motherhood" for attacking Ann Romney as never working a day in her life.
SBSWZ June 20, 2012 at 03:26 AM
"Abortion is murder." - Eric Shamp
Eric Shamp July 10, 2012 at 04:31 AM
This is actually a great point, and I'm sorry it took me nearly a month to read it. If the heart of the Tea Party agenda is actually Federal vs. local control, that's something we should have a rational discussion about. Abortion, on the other hand, is NOT something we can have a rational discussion about. I personally think there's a lot that could be handed over to local control, especially education. However, once Grover Norquist has his bathtub-sized Federal government, I'll be interested to see if the Tea Party declares victory, or if they continue the drowning spree at increasingly smaller levels of government. As for personal responsibility (and excuse me for this, but), duh. Teach your children well. But, for children who were not taught well, what do we do? Wag our fingers at their parents and say "you should have"? That won't help curb unintended pregnancies.


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