School Board to Consider Layoffs of Non-Teachers

Some of those who may be pink-slipped work with English-language learners.

More than 16 non-teaching employees in the may soon receive pink slips.

The board of trustees will consider laying them off at its meeting April 27. On the same agenda, the board will hear public comments about its  in fourth to eighth grades from 30 to 33 students.

The staff is recommending the board lay off 15.45 non-management employees (some jobs are part time) and one manager. All of the so-called classified positions are funded through restricted funds, gift money or grants whose funding for the coming year is uncertain, according to a report from district staffers.

Many of the positions impact the community:

  • A bilingual clerk
  • 2.9 bilingual community service liaisons
  • .875 bilingual instructional assistant
  • .437 instructional assistant for English language development classes

Other classified positions that are on the chopping block include a staff secretary, 1.98 preschool resource teachers, 1.75 nursing specialists and a part-time science instructional assistant. The staff report does not indicate which schools the layoffs would affect.

One classified manager may also be eliminated. That position is described as, “Supervisor III, School Readiness.”

District spokesman Marcus Walton said he could not get answers to Patch's questions by the time this story would post. Ronda Walen, president of the California School Employees Association’s local chapter, was unavailable for comment.

Class sizes in Capistrano Unified are already at the maximum amount allowed by state law. To increase the numbers in fourth through eighth grades, the district is proposing to submit a waiver to the state Board of Education.

Christine Gordon, a consultant in the waiver department at the state Department of Education, said the number of waiver requests the department has seen has skyrocketed in the last year. In 2009, only five school districts asked for a waiver. In 2010, that number jumped to 92, she said.

Twenty school districts have already applied for a waiver this year, Gordon said. Because school districts must have a budget for the 2011-12 school year in place by June 30, districts seeking to increase class sizes need their requests in by the end of this month, she said.

“The reason they’re going up is what’s going on in the districts,” Gordon said, “all the problems they have with money.” 

In general, the Board of Education has been approving waivers for school districts seeking no more than 33 students in fourth through eighth grade, Gordon said.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 27. The board meets at the district headquarters, 33122 Valle Rd. in San Juan Capistrano.

shelly April 26, 2011 at 08:27 PM
Capo Mom, The following statement makes no sense because if there were no public education then many teachers would be out of a job. "But the union's actions make it clear they don't support public education. " Individual teachers make up the union.
Capo mom April 27, 2011 at 08:34 PM
shelly, what do you think about the decision in Reed vs the State of California et al?
shelly April 27, 2011 at 09:59 PM
Capo Mom, I agree that every child deserves an equal education. I think that kids in more affluent areas and districts receive better and more resources. How many teachers were riffed in laguna beach? I also believe that we, the people of California and the nation, should value education for all more than we do fossil fuels. Since there is less revenue coming to the education maybe we should make everyone pay their fair share of taxes and end oil subsidies and direct this money to education. But it is just a fantasy because the message of anti teacher is paid for by the people who should pay their fair share of taxes and get these subsidies. Teachers who have worked with our children for years are suddenly or at least when the economy tanked branded as only in it for the money, not caring about kids, lacking in performance, become worse with age and experience and not deserving of benefits and pesnions which they pay into (I guess old teachers will be out of luck when they are 70 with no SS or pensions or 401k plans). Do you know your kids teachers? Are they lacking, are they greedy, are they not there for the kids, are your schools lacking in CUSD, are they falling apart, were 70% of the work force pink slipped at a CUSD school? Who is responsbile for pink slips? The public employs the teachers so ultimately it is the public or us who are responsible. We are the public. What is your solution to less money going to education?
Capo mom April 27, 2011 at 11:13 PM
shelly, I know no one will ever cause you to swerve from your slavish devotion to the teachers union. You need to rethink some things. I don't think every child deserves an equal education. I couldn't even define what that looks like. Maybe it means to assume all kids are the same, serve up a one size fits all solution and hope that it sticks. That is pretty much what we have in CUSD. I am curious to hear if you agree with the decision in Reed vs the State of California et al?
shelly April 28, 2011 at 04:34 AM
Capo Mom, I do not know enough about Reed vs the state of Calfornia et all to answer. I will have to get back to you. Do you know enough about your children's teachers to answer my questions above? Or will you need to get back to me? What is your opinion on Reed vs the State of California et al? Do you believe that it is all the teachers' responsbilitites to fix the budget crisis in our nation, state and district? Do you believe that the public has no responsibility? As employers, we are the public and teachers are public employees, do you believe that we the public should do less than what we expect big employers to do for their employees (provide a living wage, benefits, retirement, safe working condidtions, etc.) No, not every kid is the same. Kids have different learning styles and needs. I believe that every child deserves the education that will help them have a great future. Why do you keep your kids in CUSD schools if you believe that they receive just a one size fits all education. This is not my experience in CUSD schools . If I had the opinion that CUSD schools and teachers are lacking then my children would not be in CUSD schools? What about you? What are your solutions to the budget crisis?


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