The Making of Aliso Viejo Lip Dub

More than 1,000 residents, including gold medalist Kyla Ross, turn out Sunday morning for the taping of the city's video.

Those who turned out for Sunday's taping of the Aliso Viejo Lip Dub video got a taste of what it's like for Hollywood actors: sit around and wait.

It took nearly 2½ hours to get everyone in place and have them understand what they needed to do along the near-mile-long stretch of road from City Hall to Grand Park's Amphitheater as the temperature steadily rose. But once they did, the production was almost flawless.

More than 1,000 residents turned out for first citywide Lip Dub, which is a combination of lip-sync, dance routine and parade. It was produced by Chip and Kim McAllister of PeopleStar FilmWorks of Aliso Viejo with help from choreographer Milo Levell, known for his work with Michael Jackson and other high-powered acts.

With “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang and "Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO playing in the background, the trip through Aliso Viejo began in the City Council chambers with council members and then to Olympic gold medalist Kyla Ross, as she danced out the City Hall doors.

From there, it wound down Journey and featured members of the Orange County Sheriff's Department, a ballet school, Don Juan Avila Elementary School, tennis moms, classic cars, the Boy Scouts, the Aliso Niguel football team and Aliso Viejo Little League, a stroller brigade and gymnastics school.

After going through the Aliso Viejo Library, the camera traveled down City Lights Drive to Town Center, turned left and wound up at the Grand Park Amphitheater, where members of the City Council were joined by hundreds of local residents dancing and lip-syching for the final scene. 

For one day, everyone felt like a movie star.


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