Monopoly Goes to the ... Cats?

After an online vote, Hasbro replaces the iron token with a kitty. How will the Scottie dog react?

"Dogs and cats living together..."

In the 1984 movie Ghostbusters, canines consorting with felines was regarded as a sure sign of the apocalypse.

Now, the dreaded prophecy is about to be fulfilled. On Wednesday, Hasbro announced a cat will soon join the Scottie dog as a token in the board game Monopoly.

Meanwhile, the iron token is getting sacked.

The changes follow a Facebook poll in which voters were asked to banish one old token and replace it with either a robot, helicopter, guitar, diamond ring or cat.

The cat clawed its way to the top of the newcomer pile. And the iron fell behind the shoe and wheelbarrow in the reject category, according to news reports.

Do you think voters made the right call? Tell us in the comments. Or suggest a token idea Hasbro didn't offer.


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