Pepsi Truck Teeters, Blocks Traffic

Aliso Creek Road closes in both directions Monday afternoon when a cola trailer nearly tips over and has to be hauled away.

The Leaning Tower of Pepsi? An evil plot by Coke?

Nah, just a teetering soda truck that blocked traffic on Aliso Creek Road for much of Monday afternoon, according to dispatch reports and an eyewitness.

The ill-fated Pepsi truck was leaving the company's warehouse at the corner of Aliso Creek and Liberty when its trailer came unhitched and tilted up onto two wheels, said Marshall E. Morgan, a bus driver who snapped photos of the incident.

As onlookers stared, two heavy tow trucks arrived and held the trailer steady while workers unloaded its cola cargo by hand into another truck, Morgan said. After that, the tow trucks hauled away the trailer, according to dispatch reports.

The accident began around 1 p.m. and Aliso Creek was closed in both directions during the mess.


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